Livestock & Pets

Livestock & Pets

Got fresh eggs? If you are considering a more involved sustainable landscape, chickens, goats, rabbits and bees should be at the top of the list. Chickens are great for producing fresh eggs, meat and their droppings are a nutrient rich natural fertilizer. Can’t tolerate cow’s milk? Try raising a dairy goat for it’s milk which can be digested by those with sensitivity to lactose. Also, goats are great for meat and Angora goats are great for their fiber. Rabbits are another source of meat and for fiber if you choose the Angora rabbits for their fur. If you are interested in the medicinal properties of raw honey, creating an area in your landscape for a small beehive is an option. The bees will pollinate your edibles in your landscape and produce raw honey for consumption. Yum! In addition to sustainability, what a great way for children to learn where food comes from and to interact with nature!

Now you are probably wondering…is my landscape going to look like a farm? If you want it to, of course. However, Beyond The Grid Landscaping has integrated the stylistic designs and ideas of traditional landscaping with the functionality of sustainable landscaping. We call it Haute Sustainable Landscapes™. Give us a call for more details!

Before you begin this venture, please check with your local Regional Planning Depart-ment for allowances and restrictions as it applies to animals. In addition, if you live in a community with an HOA, please review their guidelines for what is permissible be-cause unfortunately, an HOA will override what the Regional Department allows. For El Paso County, Colorado, we are allowed up to 10 chickens with no roosters and up to 4 hoofed animals if your lot is at least 8/10 of an acre or larger.

So, you have dogs. We love dogs! However, dogs and keeping your landscape looking nice is a challenge. That’s the plain truth! If you want to keep your landscape in pristine condition, you’ve got a few options. We can incorporate an eye pleasing dog run. We can also design an area in your yard for you to train your dogs to go to the bathroom. Lastly, you can install an invisible fence to prevent your dogs from roaming in certain areas of your yard. A dog is a dog and we cannot make it function like a human (even though I know they smile and they know when I am talking about them). What Beyond The Grid Landscaping can do, though, is to accommodate your dogs as creatively as possible by blending your pet’s area into your overall landscape design.

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